Skiathos Baby Equipment Hire

Terms and Conditions

By confirming the rent agreement the Customer declares to understand and agree with all the indications given in the rent procedure and accepts the following conditions: 


The Customer can send the rent order for the equipment he/she needs through - after checking the profile - simply filling the associated form. The will directly provide useful information about equipment availability, details and delivery mode – via email or telephone – within 48 hours after the message is sent from The can however refuse the order at its own incontestable discretion.


You can check prices by clicking the “Price List” link. Prices can also be agreed between the parties in written form. Prices include VAT. Prices do not include possible delivery and pick up fees and the mandatory deposit fee. delivers and picks up the rented equipment and products in the agreed location. 

The advance payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash at the moment of delivery. Delivery and pick up fees, if any, are listed in the profile. Every product includes a non-profitable deposit fee. The amount of the deposit fee depends on the product. The deposit fee will be paid back to the Customer within 5 working days from the equipment's restitution, via bank transfer or cash. 

The Customer must give the bank account information (IBAN) for the return of the deposit fee – if different from the one used for the advance payment – to the Skiathos Baby. If the Customer chooses to pay via PayPal, the deposit fee will be credited back into the same PayPal account. The transaction fees will be detracted from the deposit fee upon return.


The Customer may cancel her/his order up until 72 hours before the delivery, communicating the cancellation to the as soon as possible. The Customer will then receive a confirmation email, and won't have to pay anything. If the cancellation order is sent after the 72 hours limit, the Customer will have to pay 50% of the total rental expenses.


The equipment will be delivered and picked up in the location chosen by the or at the address specified in the contact email. The equipment must be returned in the date/time agreed. If, without proper notice, the Customer fails to pick up the equipment within 30 minutes from the agreed time, the order will be automatically canceled and the will have all the equipment back at its disposal. For last-minute requests (delivery in less than 24 hours from the order) the supplement is 10,00€. If the equipment is returned more than one hour late, without proper notice, the supplement will be 10,00€ or a full more day of rent. If the Customer chooses to end the rent ahead of time, or in any way not caused by need, negligence or technical problems to the equipment not caused by the Customer, she/he cannot have the unused rental time paid back. A possible extension of the rental time must be agreed with the, which will check for other reservations, if any. If the extension is not properly requested, the equipment must be returned to the or authorized person in the agreed date/time.


All the equipment is delivered working and in good conditions. The Customer should however check its conditions in person. In case of damages, breakages or any other element in contrast with the's description, the Customer should report it immediately. A late report exempts the Spot/Point from any responsibility. The Customer will keep and use the equipment properly and for its expected use only, and cannot modify it in any part without a written permit from the Rented articles come with technical specs and a user's manual of use and assembly. The Customer is responsible for the decay, damages and/or loss (whole or partial) of the equipment and possible accessories, caused by any factor, including chance or force majeure. The compensation for any damage caused to the equipment by the Customer is conventionally set in the same amount of the deposit fee, already paid to the The equipment must be returned in the same starting conditions. If the Customer returns a dirty article, accessory or equipment, he/she will be charged 15,00 €.


 If the Customer signs this Agreement in the name of and behalf of another person or company, he/she will be held jointly responsible with his/her principal towards the

LIABILITY RESTRICTION decline any liability for damages or injuries caused by faulty or defective rented equipment, to property or people, if attributable to the manufacturer; furthermore decline any liability for damages or injuries caused by wrong, incorrect or excessive use of the equipment, or by alterations or repairs made by the Customer, to property or people.


Should any civil or penal litigation arise regarding the Rental Agreement, the court closest to the Customer's residence or domicile has jurisdiction, if in Greece. In any other case, the court closest to the has jurisdiction.


The Staff of declines any liability regarding the specific agreements for the rental between the Customer and the and is not in any case responsible for damages or litigation between parties. 

If the Customer needs to inform's webmasters about a staff's improper behavior, write us an email at